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Who Can Work in the U.S.?

The U.S. has a complex series of options enabling certain qualified foreign nationals to gain work authorization. The principal worker and immediate family members can all come to live in the U.S. Some family members – depending on the visa type – can also be authorized to work.

There are both temporary and permanent work visas available, along with permanent residence through employment or investment.

Common Business Immigration Visa Types

Some of the common temporary work visas based upon employment include the H-1B Specialty Occupation visa, the TN visa for Canadian and Mexican professionals, and the O-1 Extraordinary Ability visa for those who are truly at the top of their field.

In addition, the L-1 visa allows managers or those with specialized knowledge to work and live within the U.S. after being transferred from a qualifying foreign company. L-1 visa holders must work for at least one year for the qualifying foreign company outside of the U.S.

Further, the E-2 treaty investor visa enables those who invest a “substantial” amount of capital in a U.S. business to receive a temporary work visa. We provide further details about the E-2 visa, along with other options that do not necessarily require an employer or business, in our “Individual Immigration” services area.

Permanent Residence through Business Immigration

Finally, there are multiple options available for foreign nationals to receive permanent residence – also known as “green cards” – through employment, investment, or self-sponsorship.

How a Business Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Business immigration is unique in immigration law. Unlike legal areas such as family immigration, it requires a unique understanding of the intersection of immigration and business. A good business lawyer understands both the immigration law component and how what you have to offer will benefit the economy in the U.S. This ability is critical because so much of the justification for business immigration law is the benefit that it will bring to the economy. If that case can be made more clearly for officials, the more likely that an application is going to be approved. Working with a lawyer who understands these elements can significantly help your case. Some of the things that a lawyer can help with include:

  • Understanding Eligibility – There are several different options for business immigration available. In many cases, the qualifications involve subtle differences that can be difficult to identify. It’s not uncommon for people to think that one particular form of immigration is most appropriate for their situation, only to find that a different path would fit their situation better. One of the things that we can help with at Passage Immigration Law is ensuring that you fit all the requirements for a particular means of immigration.
  • Forms and Documents – While, in many cases, there may be some form of hearing or interview involved in the business immigration process, the forms and documents involved are critical. In business immigration cases, there is particular documentation that is necessary to prove things like qualifications and business interests. It’s critical that all this paperwork be handled correctly to avoid any delays. Working with a lawyer is essential to ensuring that you have all the correct paperwork prepared in a way that makes the most effective case for your approval of the status that you seek.
  • Procedure – Rarely is any immigration process as simple as getting a quick approval based on your application and an interview. There is regularly a bevy of procedures and being shuffled to different officials and departments. Sometimes, there is further investigation of your situation involved, where a lawyer can represent you and advocate for you through the process. It may even be possible that a rejection can be appealed. If so, we can make that appeal on your behalf.
  • Foresight – Another valuable element that a lawyer can bring to your case is the ability to foresee some of the potential challenges and issues that may arise during your case. These things may not necessarily derail your efforts, but they may need to be addressed. Often, you may be able to avoid some hassle and headache by getting out in front of the situation. Our lawyers have a lot of experience dealing with immigration and have the ability to recognize some of the potential problems that may arise in the process before they become major issues. Often, a preemptive approach to addressing these issues can make a big difference. A lawyer can help with understanding effective steps to prepare for these kinds of issues.
  • Citizenship – If your ultimate goal is to turn your business abilities into citizenship, that’s something we can help with. Although most business immigration options don’t offer a direct path to citizenship, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a way to get there eventually. We can help you navigate the process of adjusting your status, getting a green card, and eventually becoming a full-fledged citizen through naturalization.
  • Alternatives – Sometimes, a rejection is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean that you might not be able to find a way to the United States. Our lawyers can help you understand some of the alternative forms of immigration that may be available to you and how they could apply to your situation.

What Makes a Good Business Immigration Lawyer

Given the impact that the business immigration process could have on your life, it’s important to make sure that you have a lawyer who you believe will be a great fit for you. Of course, immigration is already a particular niche of law, and business immigration is even more so. The more narrow the situation, the more you want to make sure that you are working with someone who is capable of handling it. Some of the things to look for in a business immigration lawyer include:

  • Business Understanding – To make a good case for business immigration, it can be very beneficial to have a strong understanding of commerce and how the qualities that a particular immigrant has can benefit the American economy.
  • Experience – There are always issues that the textbooks don’t teach about that come up in the course of an immigration case. Often, experience is the only way that a lawyer can understand how to quickly handle these issues.
  • Good Character – You are giving your lawyer a significant responsibility. With all that is at stake, you want to make sure that you are working with someone you trust and who you believe can represent you well. At Passage Immigration Law, we strive to be the kind of lawyers whom our clients are proud to work with.

Use Your Business Acumen and Skills to Come to the United States

The United States immigration system has a lot of options and willingness to allow people into the country for business purposes. It’s understood that if someone has something to contribute to the economy and can help it grow, then the country should be open to them.

However, you must be able to prove to immigration officials that you have the necessary qualifications for the status that you are seeking. Because the U.S. is generally very welcoming to business-related immigration, there can be a risk of fraudulent efforts to get into the country. That’s why business immigration, along with all other kinds of immigration, carries a high level of scrutiny.

It’s critical that you have all the necessary paperwork and documents in order when applying. At Passage Immigration Law, we have a firm understanding of what immigration officials are looking for and can help you through the entire process. Contact us today to discuss how you can come to the U.S. through business immigration.


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