“ Highly professional and experienced team. They make everything easy to handle and guide you throughout the process from the beginning till the very end. It was a pleasure to work with Erick as my attorney. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs help with any immigration case.”

— Aga P.

Belief in What We Do

At Passage Immigration Law, we don’t just practice immigration law as a job because that’s what we fell into. We deeply believe that immigration is a tremendous benefit to our home. We believe that the immigrants who settle down in communities across this country add to the richness of our nation. The experiences and the ideas that they bring with them add to life in immeasurable ways. We believe that immigration benefits the United States economically, culturally, and socially.

It’s our deeply held beliefs that spur our passion for what we do. We firmly believe that a passionate lawyer is going to put forth a better effort and case for their clients than one who is just doing a job. That’s why we take such pride in our work and the many ways that it helps create a better world around us. We hope that you’ll contact us if you have any immigration needs that we might be able to help with.

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Comprehensive Services

Immigration can take so many different forms. There are familiar categories like family immigration and business immigration, but there are also more obscure parts of immigration law, such as religious workers immigration. At Passage Immigration Law, we believe that immigration law is unique and different enough that we’ve made it the focus of what we do. We have a deep understanding of the many forms of immigration law and how they can apply to you. Importantly, because we understand the totality of immigration law, we are equipped to handle the potential issues that may come up in your case and pivot if there is a better alternative for you. Whatever your immigration needs and concerns, we can help at Passage Immigration Law.

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Experience That Benefits You

One of the most significant assets that we can bring to your immigration situation is our experience. Immigration law is particularly complex. As much as you may be able to study immigration law, a great deal of learning often comes from the experience of practicing it. In part, that’s because you are working with people from all over the world, often with circumstances that are incredibly unique. From experience, though, you can begin to recognize some of the patterns and ways in which the law can apply to these unique situations. We’ve learned a lot from our years of experience in immigration law and can bring that knowledge to your case.

Our experience helps us to understand your situation and determine whether you are indeed eligible for the immigration status that you desire. From experience, we also have a firm understanding of what immigration officials are looking for in an application and supporting documents. Sometimes, you may not have the exact document that they are seeking, which can happen because documentation often isn’t standard across countries. In these situations, we can help you find an alternative that may work. Perhaps most importantly, based on experience, we can recognize some of the potential problems that may confront your case and address them before they threaten to ruin your immigration plans.

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Asked Questions

Online Research vs. Immigration Strategy Tailored to Your Needs

Online research about U.S. immigration is fast and free. It also points you in multiple directions at the same time. Figuring out the exact path to take that’s best for you calls for legal advice that is tailored to your unique situation. You need an Immigration Plan that will ensure you achieve your goals. The way to get your personalized Immigration Strategy is through a consultation with an Immigration Attorney.

Benefits You Receive through a Consultation with an Immigration Attorney

Set up a consultation to speak with one of our immigration attorneys by phone or video.. We prefer meeting potential clients over video since we get to see each other but can avoid time spent driving around. We have attorneys who are experts at business, family, criminal, and humanitarian immigration along with delay litigation and mandamus lawsuits.

At the consultation, we will first learn the facts about your case and then we can give you specific guidance on what to do. We will let you know your options and the precise steps required for you or your employee to receive a visa, green card, or citizenship – whatever it is you are targeting. Our team will also provide you an exact, flat-fee quote to represent you through the process as your legal representative.

While the U.S. government does not require you to hire an immigration attorney, our clients have repeatedly found that the investment is worth it because – among other benefits – we help ensure you receive work authorization as quickly as possible. One month of missed work due to USCIS or NVC delays usually exceeds the cost of hiring an attorney.

“But I just have one quick question”

Immigration law firms are regularly asked if an attorney can simply answer “one quick question” from someone who is not a client. However, it is simply impossible for an immigration attorney to provide quality legal advice to someone without first learning that person’s immigration history. It is very similar to someone calling up a medical doctor’s office and asking, “Can you just quickly tell me if it’s ok for me to take this medicine?” It is actually illegal and is malpractice for doctors or lawyers to provide advice without first learning a person’s background. You deserve absolutely correct legal advice and we are committed to providing it to you.


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