Our Values


From the very beginning, Passage Immigration was intended to be a different kind of law firm. Our founder’s wife is from Hungary and when they were married in 2001, Erick handled all of the necessary immigration paperwork to secure her green card. It was a surprisingly convoluted, exasperating experience.

Erick realized that getting a visa or permanent residence in the U.S. is a major source of unnecessary pain for thousands of people. He decided to found a law firm to help relieve this pain in others’ lives and replace it with clarity, confidence, and actual joy.

Now, Passage Immigration is one of the highest ranked law firms in the country with client reviews and satisfaction levels that are very difficult to surpass. This is the direct result of our commitment to our mission and core values.


Our mission (or “why”) is to enable people to achieve their full potential by living globally. On the one hand, “living globally” means to live in the country that provides them the best platform to make the biggest possible contribution to the world.

For many, this means being able to work and live in the U.S., the largest, and most innovative economy in the world. In addition, we also believe that to “live globally” means to constantly think about the rest of the world and consider its needs and unique strengths. We are all better off when we live as one international community.

Core Values

Deliver Extraordinary Service

Every day our job is to serve others with enthusiasm and an intense commitment. It means that we are treating others the way we want to be treated and anticipating what our clients need before they ask. We staff our team with the best people available so that our clients have the best experience possible.

Act with Kindness

There are always opportunities to fight in this world. Negativity is the default position many people take and few give others the benefit of the doubt. However, a better approach in business and life is to respond to anger or frustration with grace and patience. Our team is so confident and qualified that we can act with kindness even if others do not.

Think Big

The U.S. immigration system is a huge mess. Thousands of people are deeply suffering due to the mean-spirited and incompetent actions of our government. Our law firm needs to constantly think big for solutions to solve these challenging problems. We need to use the latest technology and the best management practices available to help our clients.

Communicate Brilliantly

Our law firm is in the knowledge management business. We need to provide the best, most up-to-date and applicable legal information and advice available. Lives and livelihoods depend on how well we manage this knowledge and communicate it to our clients. We need to transfer the necessary information proactively, regularly, and reliably to the people who are depending upon us.

Improve Constantly

The only way to grow is to keep pushing beyond what is currently comfortable. Our systems, knowledge, and staff are all committed to growth so that we can constantly improve the way we serve our clients.


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