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Business Immigration Services

Business Immigration Services

Who Can Work in the U.S.?

The U.S. has a complex series of options enabling certain qualified foreign nationals to gain work authorization. The principal worker and immediate family members can all come to live in the U.S. Some family members – depending on the visa type – can also be authorized to work. 

There are both temporary and permanent work visas available, along with permanent residence through employment or investment.

Common Business Immigration Visa Types

Some of the common temporary work visas based upon employment include the H-1B Specialty Occupation visa, the TN visa for Canadian and Mexican professionals, and the O-1 Extraordinary Ability visa for those who are truly at the top of their field. 

In addition, the L-1 visa allows managers or those with specialized knowledge to work and live within the U.S. after being transferred from a qualifying foreign company. L-1 visas holders must work for at least one year for the qualifying foreign company outside of the U.S.

Further, the E-2 treaty investor visa enables those who invest a “substantial” amount of capital in a U.S. business to receive a temporary work visa. We provide further details about the E-2 visa, along with other options that do not necessarily require an employer or business, in our “Individual Immigration” services area.

Permanent Residence through Business Immigration

Finally, there are multiple options available for foreign nationals to receive permanent residence – also known as “green cards” – through employment, investment, or self sponsorship.

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"Thank you Passage Immigration for all your hard work, time and effort. From start to finish you was always there to answer any questions or concerns I might have. A huge thanks to Lindsay and Ahmed for taking care of me and helping me gain my O-1 visa. Look forward to working with you again!"

- Carly C.

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