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“Highly professional and experienced team. They make everything easy to handle and guide you throughout the process from the beginning till the very end. It was a pleasure to work with Erick as my attorney. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs help with any immigration case.”

— Aga P.

“I highly recommend Passage Immigration Law! I had a pleasure to work with Erin, Alison and Ahmed. Erin and the entire Team is very helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate and very easy to work with. They made the process of my green card application so easy and I am very grateful for everything Erin and the Passage Law Team helped me with. I strongly recommend Erin and the Passage Immigration Firm to anyone looking for a Immigration Attorney- you will not be disappointed. I can’t thank them enough!”

— Anita P.

“Erin was a great lawyer! Everyone was so nice and helpful. Everything was simple, easy, and faster than we thought. Great pricing as well! Answered all of our questions in a timely manner, and Erin was always On point about returning our calls or emails! I live in Eugene and they were able to work with me so I wouldn’t have to travel for two hours just for something little. They’re located in a nice office, and close to USCIS in Portland. Very convenient. I will definitely recommend! Thanks again!”

— Karina B.

“Thank you Erin, Ahmed, and Alison! Thanks for making our experience comfortable all the way through. My wife and I came to you guys all anxious and not knowing what to expect. We are so lucky to work with you and making us feel welcome and at ease. I define recommend Passage Immigration To anyone who is looking for help.”

— Zach M.

“Erick and his support staff cleared the way for my wife and I to be successful. He leveled our anxiety by reassuring us that we where in good hands. Prior when thinking of “Lawyers” my image was money hungry parasites praying on the unfortunate. I’m happy to say when it comes to Passage Imigration Law, Erick and his team that couldn’t of been further from the truth. He summarized everything in a simple understanding way. And with very little expense he reassured us we would be successful. Well his insight was spot on! I just want to clear recommend Erick and his team to handle your case. I wish him and his company much success for the future and God bless everyone there.”

— Mark I.

“I highly recommend Passage Immigration Law. The whole team was great to work with. Erick brings years of experience and knows his ways around the immigration system.”

— Enrique O.

“So helpful and friendly. The Immigration process is so stressful and I am so happy to find kind people to help make it smoother.” 

— B. Jolli

“We highly recommend Passage Law as a sound immigration company. We particularly enjoyed working alongside Erick who guided us through our K1 and Green Card process. The firm were professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with Erick again in the future for the citizenship process.”

— Thomas J.

“My wife and I were fortunate to have taken assistance from Passage Immigration Law with regards to my US Green Card application. We have made in-site visits, have had scheduled appointments over Skype, and discussions over email. The advise is very professional, sound and extremely valuable. We’ve tried other immigration lawyers, but none have been to the satisfaction we’ve received from Passage. Special mention for Erin Wasley, who has been our point of contact and advisor. She has been very patient and helpful with useful information that leaves you with a sense of having had a productive session. If you are looking for immigration assistance / counselling / etc., look no further.”

— Navin S.

“The best immigration firm in Oregon, if you want to bring your loved ones to the US smoothly and with no-delays then i suggest you get in touch with Erick, he has a highly professional team, they were very responsive while handling our case, i kind of ask a lot of questions and never during the period of my case i got a delayed-response or an unpleasant one. So thank you Erick and Team.”

— AbdullahM.

“Erick, Garmai and the staff at Passage Law made things very comfortable, easy to understand and accomplish. We are very pleased with the promptness, thorough understanding of the process, attention to details and availability of the entire team to address our concerns at Passage Law.

Cases of naturalization can be tough for an individual but the cool, calm and collected approach of the team at Passage law made my wife and I feel utmost ease and we were assured that things would be taken care of in the best way possible, and they were.

We have nothing negative to say about our experience with Erick and his team and would highly recommend using their services.”

— Kumar C.

“I reached out to Passage Immigration for assistance with my naturalization application. Mr. Widman and his team were terrific throughout the entire process. They answered all my questions and the process they have in place to collect the information needed for the application was simple and more importantly well organized. I was also very impressed with their professionalism. I was not pressured into procuring additional services and Mr. Wideman was upfront about how the entire process would go. I highly recommend this law firm”

— Pierre M.

“I reached out to Passage Immigration for assistance with my naturalization application. Mr. Widman and his team were terrific throughout the entire process. They answered all my questions and the process they have in place to collect the information needed for the application was simple and more importantly well organized. I was also very impressed with their professionalism. I was not pressured into procuring additional services and Mr. Wideman was upfront about how the entire process would go. I highly recommend this law firm”

— Pierre M.

“When my wife and I decided to get married, I knew that the immigration process was going to be complicated and time consuming. I had read stories about it taking years for couples to receive their Visa and how mistakes in filing could lead to a denial and/or prolonged process. This was one of my biggest worries as I knew very little about the immigration process and the pitfalls that could lead to our Visa being denied. Throughout the process I gained complete trust in the expertise of Erick and Garmai. Garmai, the Paralegal of Erick, was extremely responsive to our questions and simplified the entire process for us. One thing that I loved about Erick and Garmai was that they kept us informed throughout the immigration process. I initially obtained their services for the K-1 Visa. Given the service and expertise I received, I didn’t hesitate to retain them for my wife’s change of status into a permanent resident.

I cannot say enough positive things about Erick and Garmai. The immigration process took less time than I had expected and the expertise and peace of mind they provided to my wife and I was invaluable. I highly recommend the team of Erick and Garmai to anyone looking for help with immigration.

Thank you Erick and Garmai!

Jack and Chloe”

— Jace T.

“Erin is AWESOME! My Wife met with Erin to review our Adjustment of Status and Employment Authorization documentation. She was incredibly helpful in verifying our documents, simplifying the process and was very quick to respond to additional questions. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this team to anyone who is in need of legal guidance. Thanks Passage team!”

— Derek S.

“I had a wonderful experience dealing with Eric Widman. Immigration law can be complex and confusing. Mr. Widman is experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly, up to date with the lastest laws and regulations. Before locating Widman Immigration Law, I retained another “expert” attorney, I was a mere number with dollars signs attached. I have experienced immigration attorneys first hand and can speak with confidence, Widman’ firm is A plus. From the very moment I reached out to Widman law, his assistant was friendly, sincerely helpful, she even took the time to get answers to my questions and phoned me back. I never felt rushed or overlooked as we dealt with Eric. He was so upfront, informing us on what we could do ourselves to save on legal fees. I would highly recommend Widman Immigration Law for any one dealing with an immigration issues. These issues can last months to years, you will be happy to have Eric Widman on your side.”

— Marcus D.

“Erin Wasley helped me resolve my problem in a quick, professional, efficient manner. She also responded to my emails fast. She charged a reasonable amount and refunded me money from the retainer. She is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her.”

— Manish T.

“Erick & Erin and the team are the real deal. Exceptional value & representation. Respect for their clients is amazing, they don’t grandstand! Value, respect & results. Please do yourself a favor, if you need immigration assistance give them a call. Thanks to all at Passage Immigration Law – you rock.”

— Michael S.

“Erin was a great lawyer! Everyone was so nice and helpful. Everything was simple, easy, and faster than we thought. Great pricing as well! Answered all of our questions in a timely manner, and Erin was always On point about returning our calls or emails! I live in Eugene and they were able to work with me so I wouldn’t have to travel for two hours just for something little. They’re located in a nice office, and close to USCIS in Portland. Very convenient. I will definitely be returning Thanks again!”

— Karina B.

“Erick and his team are just wonderful. They made the process of apllying to the green card so easy and it ran very smoothly. Erick’s really invested in his clients and that was reflected in the final outcome.”

— Fatima S.

"I requested a consultation to discuss my husband’s pending N-400 application and anxiety we were having about wait times, travel, legal status, etc. I received a message from Ahmed the next morning (put in my request late at night) and he gave me a phone number to call. Alison answered my call and was able to hear my concerns and answer my questions. She was friendly, professional, and very confident in her response which alleviated most of my anxiety right away. I’ve worked with other immigration lawyers and always felt like I was never getting the full story or talking to someone who truly cared about our situation. Alison was completely different! She was easy to talk to and I felt for the first time like I was being heard. After the call, Ahmed followed up with me to make sure my questions were answered and to see if there was anything else he/they could do… I did have one more question so I responded to his text and immediately received a call back. Ahmed was just as friendly, professional, and confident as Alison and answered all my questions. They both went above and beyond to offer advice and guidance, I was blown away by their service (all without guarantee or pressure that I would ever pay them a dime)! I would recommend Passage Immigration Law in a heartbeat and will be retaining their services, if needed, in the future. Thank you Alison and Ahmed!!”

— Kristen J.

“I couldn’t be happier, I just received my permanent Green Card yesterday, after Erick and his amazing staff helped me removed the conditions of it, with no need of an interview 🙂 I would hire them again in a heartbeat for my future citizenship process. You guys are the best!”

— Daniel B.

“I’m so grateful to have Erin Wasley and Ahmed Mouse to help us with my immigration application. Erin is such a patient, responsible and knowledgeable lawyer. She answered all our concerns and questions, which makes our application process so much easier than doing it all by myself. She even did extra researches for us to make sure our application is good! Ahmed helped me with my application and materials whenever I’m confused or not sure. I never thought the process could be so easy and relax and I don’t have to worry about doing something wrong. I recommend them because they are really responsible and friendly. I would love to work with them again if I have other immigrant process needs help as well in the future. Thank you so much!”

— C Q.

“I’m so glad I found Passage Law, they all have been amazing at helping me from the start to finish. Again thank you for the above and beyond service you provided!

Everyone at Passage Law from Erick,Allison,Colleen and Ahmed are very knowledgeable and always take time to answer all my questions without delay! And always puts me at ease if I worry too much!

Thank you Passage Law for your help with my citizenship!

I highly recommend Passage Law for any immigration issues!”

— Inday R.

"I had a immigration case made complicated by a lengthy absence from the U.S. and turned to Erin at Passage Law for some help. She made the process painless and easy, took care of all the paper work, and accompanied me to my interview. I’d definitely recommend Passage Law.”

— Neill P.

"I was living in Argentina and needed to get my wife a Green Card. I started the process myself, and sent everything to USCIS. We got a notice when the packet was received. Six months later, I hadn’t heard anything, and I couldn’t figure out how to find anything about the status of our case. So, I contacted Erick. After a video chat, we sorted out how to proceed. Since I’d done the initial work, he adjusted his normal fee. Having him and Garmai working with us relieved a lot of stress.

Throughout the process, despite our being in Argentina, they were always there for us. We had a few problems with the correct documentation, and they helped us sort them out. We are now in the States and have the Green Card in hand.

I don’t believe you could find a better, more caring immigration service.”

— S F.

"Erick Widman and his team at Passage Law we’re extremely helpful with my husband successfully achieving his naturalization. From the the first day, Erick was so friendly and caring, he guided us thru every step. He and his team were always available to help or answer any questions we had. They are extremely thorough and knowledgeable about the whole process. We really appreciate them for being with us for every step!! Thanks again everyone!! Wish you all the best!🙂

— DJ R.

"Eric assisted my Japanese wife and I in successfully applying for an Adjustment of Status from a F1 student to a permanent resident (Green Card). Eric and his assistant Garmai are exceptional. I can point to three factors that allow me to state this, their communion, his rates, and his process.

Throughout this undertaking communication was always fast and clear. The majority of our communication was conducted via email. All emails were answered within 24 hours if not the same day. The first time I called, Eric answered the phone. I recall asking him why he was answering the phone. I believe he said something along the lines of wanting to be accessible.

My research and experience tell me his rates are simple and fair.

Finally his process is exceptionally well-thought-out. When we first meet, he provided a general overview of what was needed and what to expect. Eric then provided an online check list of required documents and other list of documents that would support our case. We then uploaded documents and asked questions as needed. Once we completed the list we meet with Eric to review the documents and finalize the application. He again went over what we should expect next. Before our interview with USCIS he reviewed what and how the officer might ask us questions.

Having Eric successfully guide my wife and I though the Adjustment of Status process was about as stress-free as it could be. I strongly recommend Eric for your immigration needs.”

— Tim K.

"Erick was approachable, professional, and smart. He answered all my questions and his rates were reasonable. His smart use of technology made the entire process efficient and easy.

After consulting and working with multiple immigration attorneys over the years, Erick was by far the best to work with. His responses were prompt, thorough, and I could not have asked for better representation.”

— Michael Hsu

"Erick and his team provided first class service for my wife and I though the whole spouse visa process. They consistently responded quickly to any inquires that we had. With the points of entry kit list that Erick provided while still traveling on the tourist visa, my wife felt confident when questioned by immigration officers at the border.”

— Justin Crabill

"The most efficient, friendly, caring and pleasingly different law firm. Erick and his team took our case from an online request to actualization in record time. The experience, professionalism, and results were beyond exceptional . Widman Immigration Law Group LLC [now Passage Immigration Law] is highly recommended and I give them 10 stars.”

— Nourhan Beyrouti

"If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, look no further. Erick is professional and yet down to earth and easy to talk to. I went to a few different lawyers for consultations, Erick was the first, and he was hands down the best and most informative. He was gracious and seemed to care about my case the moment he sat down with me. I wanted to find someone I could easily send an e mail to if I had questions about ANY step along the way, I wanted to find someone who seemed to genuinely care about helping me every step along the way, Erick Widman and his assistant Garmai are these people.

Hiring Erick was the best decision for me in my process of becoming a green card holder. His knowledge of visas, his prep work on ALL of the paperwork and interview process is top notch. If you are not sure what direction to go or if you just need a little assistance, I would highly recommend Widman Immigration [now Passage Immigration Law] and encourage you to get in contact with him asap.”

— Shaminy Selva

"Best Immigration attorney.

Erick is very professional and very tech savvy person. Before starting my ‘Adjustment of Status’ process, I consulted so many immigration attorneys, but I decided to go with Erick for my ‘Green Card’ process mainly for two reasons, 1) His affordable service u0026amp; 2) His knowledge of Immigration law.

Erick was available/reachable all the time, whenever i had any questions. I like the way he is collecting the documents for the ‘green card’ process, so there is no chance of forgetting any documents to file and the most helpful was the ‘interview preparation session’ before the week of interview day.

Finally my ‘Adjustment Of Status’ is approved.

I really recommend ‘Erick Widman’ for any immigration service.

Thank you so much Erick for all your help.”

— deval shah

"Erick is passionate about helping people. I highly recommend him, as he’s an immigration expert, has high integrity, and puts his clients first.”

— Wayland Wong

"Erick and his team are possibly one of the best professional services I’ve ever engaged with. I used Erick’s group to sponsor my parents for permanent residence. Here are the things I really appreciate about Erick and his team:

– Erick sets very realistic expectations for you from the get go, this includes timelines, what time of paperwork will have to be filled, what type of fees to expect to pay to the USCIS, what type of fees to expect to pay to Erick’s group, and what your responsibilities are going to be. – Erick seems to be very in tune with the USCIS timeline, he was able to give me very accurate timelines based on his experiences, note, these are timelines based on his experience and are not guaranteed, but his estimates were spot on. – Erick also is very aware of the processes that need to take place for your case, e.g. how the application has to be processed by the USCIS, then it goes to the National Visa Center, then it goes to the embassy, and what type of paperwork will be required along each step and how long, approximately, each step would take. – Erick and his team are very efficient in the way they leverage technology where appropriate to gather paperwork and build the application with you. In my 10ish months engagement with Erick, I only had to go into his office ONCE. – Erick and his team communicate well, they respond to Emails/Phone calls/all communications very quickly. I’ve never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response. – I love the reason why Erick got into immigration law, you should ask him, it makes it a little more relatable. I won’t put it down here, I will let Erick share with whoever he would like to.

If you’re looking for an immigration attorney, you really owe it to yourself to at the very least have a conversation with Erick and his group and I’m confident that that will be the last call you would make for researching immigration attorneys.

Thanks Erick for everything!”

— Ahsan Ahmed

"We got in touch with Erick in early February, when we needed help applying for my husband’s change of visa status. After reading google reviews of several law offices in Portland, we scheduled an initial phone consultation with Erick.

From the get go he was clear, helpful, professional, responsive and lovely. He made the process smooth and understandable, answering every question we had along the way. Though we were unable to meet Erick in person due to a move to Seattle early in the application process, he and his team were always accessible by phone, video calls and email (to which he responded promptly).

My husband officially received his green card approval notice in early September, only 7 months after the initial application. We would absolutely recommend Erick to anyone looking for advice on matters of immigration. Thanks Erick and team!”

— Tolly Davis

"Eric handled our case from beginning to end in a highly professional, approachable and efficient way. He was always available to answer our questions and put us at ease as we went through the green card process. We would recommend Eric to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. Truly excellent service and a great result!”

— Liv Anderman

"Erick Widman is an amazing attorney. He is honest, straight forward and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with immigration. He helped me with my fiancée visa and after I got married, he helped my husband and me with my Adjustment of Status. I can say it took less than one year for me to finish my whole process. He and his assistant Garmai are really helpful and make the process really smooth. I would highly recommend his services to anyone with immigration matters.”

— Elisa María García González

"Erick came highly recommended by a friend who had a successful outcome on his immigration needs. He came across genuine and knowledgeable upon the first consultation. It was clear that he was experienced and kept up with the latest immigration law.

The process was professional and seamless. Being a techie, I appreciated his office’s use of technology to facilitate communication and transfer of documents. His legal assistant was on top of everything. Any document/email received would be forwarded to me right away.

The documents compiled in my packet were thorough and proactive. The intent was to make sure that my file was extra solid. Erick was there throughout the entire process and I am happy to say that the outcome was successful!

Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation. Best of luck!”

— Zeem P

"When I met Erick I felt very comfortable to communicate with him. He’s a very simple living and high thinking personality and highly professional at what he does. His staff Garmai also a very helpful about communicating all the time. I will highly recommend Erick 110%. Did I say 110%? Oh yeah 110% no doubt about it.”

— Jangbu Sherpa

"We were in a situation where an Immigration Lawyer was required. We consulted with 2 different Immigration lawyer firms locally, which would NOT accept our case. We were then referred to Widman Immigration Law Firm and scheduled a consultation with outstanding results of Erick ACCEPTING our case. With the help of Erick and Garmai’s professional immigration knowledge and attention to details, all our feelings of negativity turned positive throughout the lengthy process. It only took a total of 8 months from beginning to end to get our green cards. They helped us gather all the required documentation needed to make the process as smooth as possible when submitting the required applications to USCIS. We have the utmost respect for Erick and Garmai for not only the Law Firm but for also being understanding, warm, and kind hearted. We will use this law firm again in the future and highly recommend Widman Immigration Law Firm as the #1 Immigration Law Firm in the Pacific Northwest.”

— Lu-Ann B.

"I am only 21, applying for my green card was very scary. Me and my husband couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer. But josh found him online and saw the consultation was only 200$. When we came in he explained the whole process and told us the 200$ would be included with the whole thing which we thought was very nice. Eric and his legal assistant Germai were amazing to us, so nice, warm inviting people. I felt at ease talking and discussing the process with them. They were there every step of the way. We had a problem with my travel visa and they were on top of it and I got it about one week later, which was a great relief. I emailed them all the time, sometimes 5 messages in a row of questions after questions. They answered them all right away and we’re again so nice about it. Eric prepared us for the interview and the way he talked about it made it seem so easy, I hardly believed him. But he prepared us so well that it was that easy. I was happily surprised. But the best part was that if we went anywhere else I feel that we could not have afforded it but their price was perfect for us. I have never been so greatfull in my whole life than to these two people. Thank you so much!”

— Corinna E.

"Erick and Garmai are a very professional team. Both my Wife and I thought the communication and knowledge was unequalled, along with a warm personality which made our successful application pain free! Thanks guys.”

— Matt J.

"All I can say is if it weren’t for Erick my daughter would not be a US Citizen today.”

— Ronald M.

"Eric Widman and his assistant Garmai were honest, reliable and effective in my case. He’s a great guy and you can count on him to get your case through. Applying for a green card for my wife was very stressful, but Mr. Widman did everything he said he would and missed no details. In the end, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about if you hire Widman Immigration.”

— Matt B.

"Eric and team from Passage Immigration Law did a fantastic job handling my immigration case. Thanks again for the great help, support and caring. They are the expert in handling complicated immigration cases, and I strongly recommend them to anyone. Thanks!"

— Shadi H.

"I am so extremely joyful from the service I got from Passage Immigration Law Office. Erick, Alison and the whole team has been very professional and respectful of our case (CR 1 Visa). I am very thankful that you have kept your words and have done more miles and  stretched your network of contact from states to USCIS, NVC, and Counselor Offices.  Thank you Alison for details of follow up and for every in-person contact you have handled with care. Erick and the whole team thank you very much I am able to meet my new born son the soonest possible. Love you all and you are in top recommendations everywhere I go."

— Ba Man

"This is my second review.....and what a wonderful journey..... We have started with them when we need to file for my wife in the United States. Erick and his team done a great job and were with us step by step until my wife entered the US...few years later the have filed for my wife my wife passed her exam.... I could not do it with out you and your team. Or journey together has ensured us the fasted possible way ever..... I thank you and thanks your team for the professional friendly and on time support not limited to quick response when needed. I wish I can give 10 out 5 stars that is least I can say I wish you all the best since you only deserve the best. Thank you thank you thank you."


"Highly recommend. You won't find a better immigration law firm so don't even waste your time looking. They are the best.”

— Gosia D.

"I reached out to Passage immigration for assistance with my my case based on their reviews online and I'm extremely glad I did. The entire team went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. Erick is a true professional who listens and cares. I was more than satisfied to have him as my lawyer.”

— Sercan E.

"Passenge Immigration Law is the best in Portland I will give them five star. They are number one in Portland Oregon if you want to file your paperwork for immigration, for your citizenship choose passenger immigration law they are the best in customer service. The best of the best and Erick is the best lawyer I have had. Passage Immigration will prepare everything for you to be ready for your citizenship. Remember to choose the Passage Immigration Law they are the best in Portland. Thank you.

— Kenndy Y.

"I recently completed my Naturalization process with the help of Passage Immigration Law. The entire team were great to work with. They were very knowledgable with all aspects of my green card visa application and the the Naturalization application. I am based in the New York area and this was no issue for the Portland based attorney firm. Thank you for all your help.” 

— Lee C.

"Five stars is not enough for the services they providing. The most professionals-knowledgeable and caring office I have ever work with. Eric was great and always there for us. Alison always was an email away to ensure that we understand everything and answer any other question we have. I highly recommend this office!!!”

— Vasileios P.

"I came to the US for doctorate school originally on a student visa. When I got married and decided to stay in the States following school, I attempted to research what I would need to do in order to get a permanent residence status. After 2 weeks of uncovering more questions than answers, I decided it was worth my time to invest in an immigration attorney. After a single phone conversation with one of their paralegal representatives, I knew Passage Immigration Law was the firm for me. The team guided me seamlessly through the whole process, and I knew I didn’t have to stress about what I did or didn’t need. The team was always steps ahead in the process. Thanks to them I am officially a Permanent Resident!”

— Chad D.

"Erick and his assistant are knowledgeable, professional. For example, on the topic of cultural differences Erick was so cultural diversified that he was able to place himself between my culture and the general culture in the US and saw the issue of the case due to understanding of cultural differences while the immigration officers couldn't and probably will never be able to. I would like to thank Erick and his team for all the support and help. I highly recommend Passage Immigration Law, especially Erick.”

— Dara S.

"Passage Immigration Law helped me make what seemed impossible possible. They are all hard-working, friendly, reachable and professional. My case was successful and took approximately 3-years from beginning to end. Everyone's case is different and unique so the timelines are different (not to mention the constant law changes in between) so you definitely need to speak to get realistic expectations. They have connections with other lawyers in the same field so if they don't have the answer they will figure it out but they will definitely NOT leave you hanging. Overall, I would recommend them and I can only say I am so thankful to have worked with them. They have not only changed my status but also changed my life. No matter where you go, you'll need to be patient with the process. What I can tell you is, Passage Immigration Law has been successful in the past, has been successful with me, and I have no doubt they will be successful with future cases.”

— Erika C.

"I can’t possibly overstate how valuable and instrumental the Passage Law team have been in navigating the daunting immigration process. Their fees were better than reasonable, we were never charged for any extra necessary consultation, and every chance or need for contact was timely met with kindness, friendliness and sincerity. I can’t recommend anyone else for the work that this team does. Thank you, Passage!

— Grey A.

"Nothing but wonderful things to say while working with this immigration law firm. They made my family's immigration process a painless ordeal. We cannot thank them enough for their services and their extremely professional and quick responses to all of my questions. I also really like the fact that they are very understanding to how difficult the immigration process is, as this gave me tremendous assurance that my family's case is in very good hands. If I can give them more than five stars, I will.”

— Dan L.

"My husband and I hired Passage Law to help us complete his Adjustment of Status and we are so glad we did! They handled all the paperwork for us and were always there to answer any questions we had. Our attorney, Erick Widman was extremely knowledgeable, patient and understanding, along with the rest of the staff. I highly recommend hiring them if you are in need of an immigration attorney!"

— Kaleigh H.

"My husband and I hired Passage Law to help us complete his Adjustment of Status and we are so glad we did! They handled all the paperwork for us and were always there to answer any questions we had. Our attorney, Erick Widman was extremely knowledgeable, patient and understanding, along with the rest of the staff. I highly recommend hiring them if you are in need of an immigration attorney!”

— Samantha M.

"There is a reason why Passage Immigration Law is the best immigration law firm in Portland. For every question they had an answer.For every problem they had a solution. The end result was our green card. Thankfull for them and looking for working with them in the future!”

— Ratko P.

"Passage Immigration Law is a business that is driven by kind, empathic and forward thinking leadership. Both Erick Widman and Erin Wasley have been exceptional with how they handled my I-751 application, even at times when I was outside of the United States. Every touchpoint with the entire team had left me feeling reassured, and confident about their expertise. I highly recommend this firm, especially if you are new to the United States and are looking to work with an expert who takes the guesswork out of your immigration documentation needs.”

— Judy S.

"We tried the green card process ourselves and failed miserably. I wish I would have hired Passage Immigration initially. They took care of everything, the process was so simple. If not for the pandemic, I imagine it would have been quick too. They made complicated, stressful process into an easy, happy occasion. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs to start the green card process.”

— Asya M.

"Achieved victory smoothly before anticipated timeline with solid backing of Attorney Erick and law team! Felt super safe and informed all throughout the naturalization process. Paperwork was perfect, done with utmost finesse, diligence and professionalism. From the first phone call we knew it's the right law firm choice and feel lucky Passage came our way. Erick and Francisco legal thank you to have always been available and go beyond to help with preparation, guidance and it built my confidence. Even the payment planning was so easy to discuss and that helped. Couldn't have done it like this without them, gratitude Passage!”

— Sdhaka R.

"I found my experience with them to be truly helpful and amazing.They were professional and knowledgeable. Integrity, responsability, hard work, efficacy, dedicated effort and supportive fellowship towards the people they work for and serve is their priority.
In my honest opinion, a team beautifully orchestrated to do their job legitimately and transparently.

If you need the help of paralegals and lawyers who know what they're doing and are confident in their ability to get things done well for you, these are your guys. You won't ever regret it. But don't take my word for it. Just read the rest of the testimonials that agree with me!

Dear Passage Immigration Law,
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!”

— Sheyda S.

"Erick and team at Passage Law epitomize everything an immigration firm should be when it comes to professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness. Erick alongside Alison managed our case with what can only be described as a "best in class" service and left us feeling calm and knowledgeable about the process each step of the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring first class immigration law service."

— Nathan C.

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