Obtaining EB2 Visa: Essential Requirements and Application Guide

Obtaining EB2 Visa: Essential Requirements and Application Guide


Foreign nationals with an advanced degree or extraordinary talent in their professional industry are eligible for the second-preference employment-based EB2 visa. With this visa, eligible people may more quickly contribute their knowledge and experience to the US economy and become permanent residents of the country.

What is the EB2 Visa?

The EB2 visa, sometimes referred to as the EB-2 visa, is meant especially for professionals with advanced degrees or who have shown remarkable talent in their respective industries. For those who want to progress their careers and live and work continuously in the United States, this visa category is perfect.

EB2 Visa Requirements

Applicants for the EB2 visa have to fulfil particular requirements. The following two groups fall under this visa:

Additional Education

Candidates must have an advanced degree (above a bachelor’s degree) or its equivalent in the region they live in. This might be a master’s degree, a PhD, or any other degree requiring several years of postsecondary study.

Great Talent

Candidates need to show remarkable skills in their area. Letters of recommendation, honours, or professional group membership are often used to support this degree of knowledge and recognition in their field.

Process of EB2 Visa

A successful outcome of the EB2 visa application procedure depends on careful attention to detail in each of the various important stages.

Perm Labour Certification

Getting a PERM (Programme Electronic Review Management) labour certification from the U.S. Department of Labour is the first step in the EB2 visa application process. This certification guarantees that there are no suitable American workers for the job, thus hiring a foreign worker won’t negatively impact American workers’ pay and working conditions.

Petitions I-140

Applying for an I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) comes next after receiving the PERM certification. This petition proves the applicant satisfies the conditions for an EB2 visa and the U.S. employer can afford to pay the offered salary.

Status Adjustments or Consular Processing

Applicants who are outside the United States can go through consular procedures or, if they are already in the country, they can change their status once the I-140 petition is accepted. The EB2 green card application process includes an interview and the submission of more paperwork.

How to Apply for EB2 Visa Applications

EB2 visa applications can be challenging and upsetting, but they can be successfully handled with the correct direction. These are the main phases:

  1. Determine Your Eligibility: Find out if you have the requirements for an advanced degree or a special talent.
  2. Get a Job Offer: Get an EB2 visa sponsoring U.S. employer to extend an employment offer to you.
  3. Labour Certification: The Department of Labour must issue your employer with the PERM labour certification.
  4. File I-140 Petition: Submit USCIS the I-140 petition together with documentation confirming your qualifications.
  5. Await Approval: Move on with consular processing or status modification once the I-140 petition is accepted.

Processing Time of an EB2 Visa

Several variables, including the applicant’s place of origin and the present delay of applications, might affect how quickly an EB2 visa is processed. Generally speaking, the whole procedure may take anything from a few months to many years. The processing time covers the approval of the I-140 petition, the final status modification, and consular processing.

Benefits of the EB2 Visa

For those who meet the requirements, the EB2 visa provides many advantages, such as

  • The Road to Permanent Residency: A green card obtained through the EB2 visa permits you to live and work in the United States permanently.
  • Family Acceptance: With an EB2 visa, your spouse and unmarried children under 21 can also get green cards.
  • Career Progress: By using your advanced degree or special skills, the EB2 visa offers you the chance to progress your career in the United States.
  • Job Flexibility: You can change employers without risking your immigration status after you get your EB2 green card.

Switching from EB2 to Green Card

The comparatively simple path from the EB2 visa to the green card is one of the main benefits of the visa. Process steps include:

  • I-140 Petition Approval: You can go on to the following phase when USCIS grants your I-140 petition.
  • Status Adjustment or Consular Processing: Depending on where you are now, you will either conduct consular processing abroad or modify your status inside the United States.
  • Green Card Issue: You will get your green card, which will allow you to live permanently in the United States after you complete the last interview and submit all necessary paperwork.

Cost of an EB2 Visa

Several factors, including filing and legal fees as well as extra expenses related to completing the I-140 petition and acquiring the PERM labour certification, might affect the cost of an EB2 visa. For a smooth application process, it is important to estimate these costs and get expert help.

Exceptional Ability Examples for the EB2 Visa

Those that show extraordinary talent have to support their claims with a lot of data. Examples of extraordinary talent can be:

  • Honours and Recognitions: Winning honours or awards for outstanding work in your field on a national or international level.
  • Professional Memberships: Belonging to associations for professionals that demand exceptional performance.
  • Published Material: Getting your writing published in trade magazines or other important media sources.

Frequently Asked Questions About the EB2 Visa

How long does it take to process an EB2 visa?

Two of the several factors influencing the length of time it takes to get an EB2 visa are the applicant’s home country and the current application delay. The average time for the process is a few months to many years. Knowing processing dates and any changes in immigration law will help you manage expectations and make suitable planning.

When does the EB2 Visa expire?

The EB2 visa itself is a path to a green card, which allows an individual permanent US residency. Once received, your green card is valid for an indefinite amount of time provided you maintain your residency status and abide by US immigration laws.

What Costs Are Associated With the EB2 Visa?

The cost of an EB2 visa might vary depending on filing fees, legal fees, and other expenses related to processing the I-140 petition and obtaining the PERM labour certification. You have to plan for these costs and get professional assistance to ensure a smooth application procedure.

Why Should You Apply with Passage Law for Your EB2 Visa?

Although EB2 visa applications can be difficult to access, Passage Law can guarantee that each stage is done with knowledge and accuracy. Our staff of qualified immigration lawyers is committed to offering individualised support, assisting you in collecting the required paperwork, and supporting you all the way.

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Final Thoughts

Professions with advanced degrees or extraordinary talents have a great chance to become permanent residents of the United States with an EB2 visa. Your desire to live and work in the United States can come true if you know the EB2 visa requirements and apply through the right procedures.

Trust the advantages at Passage Law for thorough help with your EB2 visa application. Discover how Passage Law may assist you in negotiating the complicated nature of the EB2 visa application and securing your future in the US by visiting our website.


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