What is Parole in Place?

Parole in place (PIP) is an immigration benefit granted by USCIS that some family members of U.S. military personnel may be eligible for. This is a great program because it allows foreign nationals who have entered the U.S. without inspection/authorization to stay for a designated period of time. Parole is a lawful immigration status, so those who have gotten PIP approved may thereafter be eligible to adjust status.

Who is eligible for PIP?

You may be eligible for PIP if i you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are the spouse, widow(er), parent, son, or daughter of:
    1. An active duty member of the US. armed forces;
    2. A member of the Selected Reserves of the Ready Reserve; or
    3. A military veteran—whether living or deceased—who served in the active duty or the reserves (must have been honorably discharged).

What are the benefits of PIP?

Those who have entered the U.S. without authorization are generally ineligible for most immigration benefits. However, if you are eligible for PIP and are approved, you:

  1. Stop accruing unlawful presence during the your authorized parole period;
  2. Are eligible for a work permit;
  3. Are potentially eligible for adjustment of status.

PIP is a great benefit for undocumented family memebers of US Armed Forces members that may lead to a green card. Because there are other eligibility considerations for adjusting status, you should contact an attorney to determine if PIP will work for you.


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