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The next step to get your immigration issue resolved is easier than you think. Set up a consultation with one of our immigration attorneys. After we find out the key details of your case we will lay out the required steps to achieve your goal.

Ask all of your pressing questions and your attorney will provide the answers for you. Although every case is unique, we have successfully helped hundreds of businesses and individuals secure visas, permanent residence, and citizenship.

Get Legal Advice from an Attorney

If your case involves a business or employment, set up a consultation with our amazing attorney Jinkyoo “David” Lee.

If your immigration goal involves a family member, a criminal issue, a potential mandamus lawsuit, or a humanitarian element (like asylum or VAWA) then set up a consultation with our wonderful attorney Henry Rodriguez.

You can set up a consultation with our founding attorney Erick Widman for any immigration matter but keep in mind that due to his busy schedule one of our other skilled attorneys will directly handle your case.

Or Do a Case Review with our Staff

You can also reach out to our intake team to find out if you qualify for an unpaid case review. This is a great option to provide an overview of your case so we can confirm we can help. Click here to provide more details about your case and request a call from our intake specialist or attorneys.

Why Schedule a Consultation?

Online Research vs. Immigration Strategy Tailored to Your Needs

Online research about U.S. immigration is fast and free. It also points you in multiple directions at the same time. Figuring out the exact path to take that’s best for you calls for legal advice that is tailored to your unique situation. You need an Immigration Plan that will ensure you achieve your goals. The way to get your personalized Immigration Strategy is through a consultation with an Immigration Attorney.

Benefits You Receive through a Consultation with an Immigration Attorney

Set up a consultation to speak with one of our immigration attorneys by phone or video.. We prefer meeting potential clients over video since we get to see each other but can avoid time spent driving around. We have attorneys who are experts at business, family, criminal, and humanitarian immigration along with delay litigation and mandamus lawsuits.

At the consultation, we will first learn the facts about your case and then we can give you specific guidance on what to do. We will let you know your options and the precise steps required for you or your employee to receive a visa, green card, or citizenship – whatever it is you are targeting. Our team will also provide you an exact, flat-fee quote to represent you through the process as your legal representative.

While the U.S. government does not require you to hire an immigration attorney, our clients have repeatedly found that the investment is worth it because – among other benefits – we help ensure you receive work authorization as quickly as possible. One month of missed work due to USCIS or NVC delays usually exceeds the cost of hiring an attorney.

“But I just have one quick question”

Immigration law firms are regularly asked if an attorney can simply answer “one quick question” from someone who is not a client. However, it is simply impossible for an immigration attorney to provide quality legal advice to someone without first learning that person’s immigration history. It is very similar to someone calling up a medical doctor’s office and asking, “Can you just quickly tell me if it’s ok for me to take this medicine?” It is actually illegal and is malpractice for doctors or lawyers to provide advice without first learning a person’s background. You deserve absolutely correct legal advice and we are committed to providing it to you.


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