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Lil ReyesLegal Assistant

Isabel Lara

Lili was raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1993 and was an English teacher for over 15 years.

She graduated from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) Law School in 2015, and worked as a lawyer in a private law office in Caracas, Venezuela. She's also the mother of three children: one of them has immigrated to US in 2021 and went through the immigration process successfully, and now lives and works in Virginia.

Lili (and her cat "Lucky") migrated to Argentina in 2019. She worked as a sales representative for a real estate company and worked remotely as a customer support rep for a call center, providing high-quality service to American Express customers.

Lili is a movie buff and a tennis player who enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and spending time with her cat.

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