How to Check USCIS Processing Times?

Congratulations –– you’ve submitted your petition to USCIS! And now you must wait for it to process. This can feel like it takes forever, especially since processing times for all types of applications have increased significantly in recent years.

The good news is you can check normal processing times for all USCIS petitions online, which can give you an idea of how long you’ll be waiting and indicate whether or not there is an issue with your case.

We lay out how to check USCIS processing times online below. We used Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence, as an example, but you can follow these same steps to check the processing time of any type of form.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check the processing time for your immigration case:

  1. Visit
  2. Select your form type from the drop-down menu titled “form”
  3. Select the field office or service center
  4. Click “get processing time”
  5. If your petition is taking longer to process, you can submit an “outside normal processing” service request.

Common Questions:

How do I know which form I submitted?

Check the top of your I-797 Notice of Action. Another option is to click here and browse through the list of USCIS forms.

How do I find my field office or service center?

For most forms, simply check the bottom of your I-797 Notice of Action. For forms I-485 and N-400 that are being processed at the National Benefits Center, you should select your local field office from the drop-down menu instead. If you’re not sure which field office is closest to you, you can look up your zip code here.

What if my case is taking longer to process than it says here?

If your petition is taking longer to process, you can submit an “outside normal processing” service request on the USCIS website, or check in with an immigration attorney about when and how to deal with an extreme delay.


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