Gosia and Leonard


Aanna Farhang (0:16) – If you guys could please introduce yourself to the viewers.

Gosia Dauksza (0:21) – My name is Gosia Daukasa

Leonard Dauksza(0:23) – Leonard Dauksza

Aanna (0:25) – Can you please talk a little bit about your case and what you went through with immigration in the U.S.?

Leonard (0:40) – In general, the experience with Passage was really good. We were always kept in the loop so we knew exactly what was going on. Was very transparent. Everyone we worked with was great. So it was a very good experience in general from that point of view. From the government point of view there were some setbacks because of the whole situation that was going on in general. But when the interview arrived, it was a very smooth interview.

Gosia (1:19) – Actually I was expecting a much worse situation, meaning we would have to have a lot of evidence prepared to try to defend our case but there was nothing like that. It was just very straightforward.

Leonard (1:36) – Yeah, and the Passage lawyer was with us over the phone because our interview was in Spokane.

Gosia (1:48) – Yes we had to move to Idaho during our case so it was moved to Spokane. It was the closest office to us. And Erin was on the phone with us during the whole interview. It was very smooth.

Leonard (2:07) – Yeah, and from what I hear from my friends and other people who went through immigration cases, very often lawyers jus wouldn’t do their job right. THere were just so many bad stories, but with Passage everything was just very very good and very professional.

Aanna (2:29) – Could you explain a little bit about what your case was? If you are comfortable with talking about that.

Gosia (2:36) – Sure it was…

Leonard (2:40) – just called an adjustment of status (AOS) application. So getting a green card…

Gosia (2:48) – through marriage.

Leonard (2:49) – so I am a U.S. citizen. I was born here. And she moved over here after we got married. We applied for a permanent residence for her. So it was a whole process for the temporary status and then permanent status. The whole process was very smooth.

Aanna (3:13) – What do you think would’ve made the whole immigration status easier to navigate for you both? What would you have changed?

Leonard (3:22) – I wouldn’t change anything. Everything was clear. I don’t see a reason to change anything. It was a good system and everything worked well.

Aanna (3:36) – Is there anything else you would like to add about how Passage helped you along in the process?

Gosia (3:43) – Well, they answered every question that we had. It was very quick when we needed any answer. Everyone we talked with over the phone or through email gave us the exact answer that we were looking for.

Aanna (4:09) – WHat have you learned from your experience and what insight would you pass on to other people who are going through this process?

Leonard (4:17) – Hire Passage! For sure. That’s number one.

Gosia (4:25) – From our experience I would say because it went really smoothly there is nothing to be scared of if your case is like ours, for marriage. There is really nothing that you need to be scared of. It’s another process that you have to go through.

Aanna (4:52) – Was there anything particularly difficult about your case?

Gosia (4:57) – I don’t think so.

Leonard (4:59) – I don’t think. Maybe gathering some of the documents because we got married in California so we had to get our certified copy of our marriage license.

Gosia (5:13) – Yeah and it got lost in the mail.

Leonard (5:19) – Yeah, UPS lost our one copy. But that was just regular bureaucracy stuff. Another thing we were kind of worried about is that we don’t have a lot of pictures of ourselves. And that’s one of the primary proofs of marriage, so we were kind of dreading that we didn’t have enough pictures. But they didn’t look at our pictures at all.

Anana (5:48) – Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to add? Anything else you’d like people who are going through this process to hear?

Leonard (6:03) – I think we summed everything up.

Gosia (6:07) – Just everything went smooth and Passage was really just, I think they knew exactly what to do. I wouldn’t hire anyone else. And we are going to apply for citizenship in three years and we are going to hire them again. If we can, we will definitely recommend them to anyone.


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