Form G-1145: E-Notification of Application Acceptance


There are many forms and applications to complete in the U.S. immigration procedure, each with a particular function. A G-1145, for example, is used to e-notify USCIS of an application or petition acceptance. We at Passage Law want to make this procedure as easy as possible for you, and we make sure you get electronic notifications on the progress of your application. The aim of Form G-1145, how to complete it, and how our professional services can help you are all covered in detail in this guide.

What is Form G-1145?

Known formally as E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, the G-1145 form is a USCIS form that enables applicants to get electronic alerts (text message or email) when USCIS accepts their application or petition. Knowing what is Form G-1145 and its advantages will enable you to keep informed about your immigration procedure.

Form G-1145: E-Notification of Application Acceptance

Purpose of Form G-1145

Why Use Form G-1145?

The G-1145 is mostly used to give applicants prompt information on whether their immigration petitions or applications have been accepted. You can choose to receive text messages and/or email alerts by completing this form, so you know how your submission is progressing right away.

Benefits of Electronic Notification

Using the e-notification technique can greatly lower stress and doubt during the immigration procedure. Form G-1145 lets you get updates instantly, so you can keep informed and move quickly to take the required action.

Form G-1145 Completion Instructions

Complete the G-1145 Form

Filling in the G-1145 form is simple. To guarantee correct submission, follow these instructions:

1. Personal Information: Enter your complete name and contact details under Personal Information.

2. Email Address: Enter a working email address to which you would like alerts.

3. Mobile Phone Number: If you would like text message alerts, provide your mobile phone number.

4. Signature: To confirm your request for email alerts, sign and date the form.

Who Needs to File Form G-1145?

Form G-1145 can be filed by petitioners and beneficiaries alike. People who want to know when their application is accepted without waiting for conventional mail notices will find it especially helpful.

Form G-1145 Cost

The G-1145 form is not charged to file. USCIS offers this free service to keep applicants updated.

Submitting Form G-1145

Where to File Form G-1145

Attached to the front of your package when filing your main immigration application or petition should be the completed Form G-1145. This guarantees that USCIS handles your primary application and your request for electronic notifications immediately.

Form G-1145 Download

Visit the USCIS website to download the G-1145 form. To prevent problems with your submission, make sure you have the most recent version of the form.

Popular Questions Regarding Form G-1145

Does USCIS Send Emails?

Indeed, USCIS sends emails as part of the e-notification service when you submit Form G-1145. With the use of this service, you can get notifications when your petition or application is accepted.

Does USCIS Text Message Us?

Yes, if you supply your cell phone number on the G-1145 form, USCIS will also send you SMS messages. This guarantees you get notifications on your mobile device on time.

What Does Section 1145 Cover?

The USCIS form’s Section 1145 is where you request electronic notifications. To get updates, you must correctly complete this part.

Forms and Additional Information

Form G-845

Form G-845 is used to verify immigration status; Form G-1145 is used for electronic notifications. To properly use each form in your immigration process, you must know why you are using it.

Notification of USCIS Acceptance

If you submit Form G-1145, USCIS will electronically notify you when your application or petition is accepted. This notification verifies the receipt and processing of your application.

PDF Form G-1145

One can access the G-1145 form PDF on the USCIS website. To prevent delays, make sure you download, complete, and turn in the proper form version.

How Passage Law Can Help

Personalized Consultation

We conduct individual consultations to learn about your specific situation and to give you specific guidance on submitting your G-1145 and other required paperwork.

Complete Review

To reduce the possibility of delays or rejections, our staff will carefully examine your application and staying materials, including the G-1145 form, to make sure they are accurate and complete.

Latest Updates

We make sure you are informed throughout the process regarding the progress of your application and any modifications to USCIS regulations.

Preparation of Supporting Documents

From finishing your G-1145 form to arranging your application packet, we offer all-inclusive assistance to improve your submission.

Support and Representation

If you run across any problems or need more information from USCIS, our lawyers are here to help you and represent you to quickly address any concerns.
Additional Tips for a Successful G-1145 Submission

Maintain Accuracy

Completing the G-1145 form accurately is essential. Verify everything again, including your cell phone number and email address, to be sure you get alerts.

Continue to Learn

Predicting any changes or extra requirements can be achieved by keeping up with USCIS updates and processing timelines. Throughout their immigration process, Passage Law keeps our clients updated with frequent updates.

Seek Professional Assistance

Even though submitting the G-1145 form is a simple procedure, getting expert help can guarantee that all of your paperwork is in order and improve your chances of a smooth immigration process. Expert advice and support are available from our Passage Law lawyers.


Your immigration process can be much improved by knowing the goals and advantages of Form G-1145 since it offers regular updates and lessens stress. We at Passage Law are dedicated to ensuring that you have the easiest possible journey. You can proceed with assurance in your immigration process with our professional advice and all-inclusive services.

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