DACA Advance Parole

A grant of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) does not automatically grant the DACA recipient the ability to travel out of the country. In fact, depending on your status prior to DACA, travel outside of the U.S. may trigger a three year, ten year, or even permanent bar to reentry. Therefore, if you are a DACA holder who needs to travel outside of the country you should contact an immigration attorney.

Advance Parole

DACA holders are eligible to file for Advance Parole. Advance Parole is a travel document that allows you to travel outside of the United States without triggering a bar to reentry. To qualify for advance parole, you must show USCIS that your travel abroad is in furtherance of:

  1. humanitarian purposes, including travel to obtain medical treatment, attending funeral services for a family member, or visiting an ailing relative;
  2. educational purposes, such as semester-abroad programs and academic research, or;
  3. employment purposes such as overseas assignments, interviews, conferences or, training, or meetings with clients overseas.

Your DACA must already be approved before you can file for advance parole.

When should I apply?

Because processing time can vary greatly, you should apply a least six months in advance of your desired travel date.

If you are a DACA holder who has a need to travel outside the U.S. you should contact an attorney to assess your eligibility.


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