CR-1 Spousal Visa Explained – Everything You Need to Know

CR-1 Spousal Visa Described Understanding the CR-1 Visa

CR-1 Spousal Visa Described Understanding the CR-1 Visa

The CR-1 Visa, sometimes referred to as the Conditional Resident Visa, is an immigrant visa to the United States provided for foreign spouses of citizens of the United States. With this visa, the foreign spouse may enter the country for two years as a conditional permanent resident. Conditional Resident, or CR in CR-1, refers to couples who have been married for less than two years and are eligible for the visa. A permanent green card is the result of the conditions that can be removed after this time.

The CR-1 Visa Requirements

A CR-1 Visa applicant has to fulfil several particular criteria:

  • Legal Marriage: These two need to be able to present an actual marriage certificate and be legally married.
  • US Citizenship: A US citizen must be the petitioning spouse.
  • Age Requirement: The U.S. citizen spouse should be at least eighteen years old.
  • Proof of Relationship: To establish the marriage is real, documentation like pictures, messages, and shared financial accounts must be given.
  • Financial Support: Usually 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, U.S. citizens must meet income standards to ensure they are capable of holding a foreign spouse.

Processing a CR-1 Visa

Several important procedures are part of the CR-1 Visa process:

Filing the Petition:

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is contacted by the U.S. spouse who is a citizen and files Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. Following this form are supporting records like a marriage certificate and documentation of U.S. citizenship.

Reviewing the petition by USCIS can take many months. If it is granted, the petition is sent to the National Visa Center (NVC).

NVC Processing

Form DS-260, the application for an immigrant visa and alien registration, and Form I-864, the affidavit of support, are among the extra paperwork the NVC requires.

There are fees to pay and a medical checkup by a licensed doctor is necessary.

Visa Interview:

At their native country’s U.S. embassy or consulate, the foreign spouse goes up for an interview. A current passport, birth certificate, certificates of police clearance, and medical exam results are among the necessary paperwork they must carry.

The consular officer will verify all conditions are fulfilled and assess the legality of the marriage during the interview.

Visa Issuance:

If the interview goes well, the spouse is granted a CR-1 Visa, which enables entry to the United States. The conditional green card is sent to the foreign spouse’s U.S. address and they get stamps in their passport at arrival showing temporary residency.

CR-1 Visa Timetable

Although the processing time for a CR-1 visa varies, it usually takes between 10 and 14 months from the time of the first petition to the visa’s issue. Timelines are affected by the amount of work at USCIS and the NVC, the state of the application, and the embassy or consulate interview schedule.

Deciding to Remove Conditions and Convert to IR-1

The CR-1 Visa holder has to file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, to request the conditions to be removed after two years of conditional residence. The 90-day period before the two-year green card expires in which to submit this application is closed. A successful condition removal results in the CR-1 Visa into an IR-1 Visa, which allows for ten years of permanent residency.

Cost Of CR-1 Visa

Getting a CR-1 Visa will include the below costs.

  • Form I-130 File Fee: $535
  • NVC Processing Charge: $445
  • Immigrant Fee with USCIS: $220
  • Medical Examination Fee: Approximately $200, varies by countries
  • Additional Costs: Travel costs and perhaps legal costs if you decide to engage an attorney for help.

Visa CR-1 Income Requirements

The petitioner who is a citizen of the United States must show enough money—usually 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines—to support the foreign spouse. By this condition, the spouse is guaranteed not to become a public burden. A dual sponsor can be utilized to fulfil the income need if the petitioner does not meet the income criteria.

Benefits of the CR-1 Visa

  • Work Authorization: Without requesting separate work authorization, a carrier of a CR-1 Visa may start working in the United States right away. Till the real green card arrives, the stamped passport acts as a temporary one.
  • Travel Freedom: A CR-1 Visa holder is free to move about the United States. Resident status may be impacted, though, by lengthy travels abroad without the necessary paperwork.
  • Path to Citizenship: Usually three years after becoming a permanent resident, the spouse may ask for U.S. citizenship after completing residency criteria after removing limitations and maintaining the IR-1 Visa.

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