“Woven Chronicles”

Erick Widman

Immigration has always been and will always be an ever-present reality for humanity. As long as we’ve existed people have migrated whether to flee danger, violence, and persecution or in search of a better education, financial situation, or lifestyle.

Woven Chronicles by Reena Saini Kallat artistically outlines migration of people and movement of goods across the world. As explained by Saini Kallat in an ICA Boston interview, “Woven Chronicles essentially is a wall drawing made using the electric cable. I mean, I often think about these lines as something that, you know, when drawn across territory, has huge implications for people on either side and it sort of morphs into barbed wires and fences holding inherent contradictions of being both a conduit carrier and a barrier at the same time.”

Woven Chronicles is the beginning piece of When Home Won’t Let You Stay; Migration Through Contemporary Art; a contemporary art exhibit honoring and representing viewpoints on migration. In a world where, according to the UN, there are around 272 million people, 1 out of every 30 people is a migrant, it is essential to take the time to understand the history of migration and how migration could be reformed. When Home Won’t Let You Stay; Migration Through Contemporary Art presents the opportunity for people to delve into the topic of migration and displays perspectives that audiences can engage with and reflect on.

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