What Can a Disney Song Teach Us About Immigration?

Erick Widman

Why A Great Song From a Kids Movie Shows Us the Way Forward on Immigration

My three kids loved the movie Zootopia and my wife and I also thought it was fantastic. The story features an eager young bunny protagonist named Judy Hopps who is committed to being an excellent police officer despite being smaller than most other animals. The movie touches upon important themes about diversity and inclusiveness – how it’s all too easy to instinctively blame others who are different from you when things go wrong.

Zootopia also has a superb theme song called “Try Everything” that has been viewed over 500 million times on Youtube! The song is great in that it makes you want to get up and dance immediately. But after investigating the background of the song, I realized the best part about “Try Everything” comes from understanding the international resources that went into creating it.

Here is what is fascinating about the global nature of creating great art these days: “Try Everything” is part of an American movie that was released by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2016. The song was actually written however by an Australian singer named Sia, along with two Norwegians named Tor and Mikkel. Finally, the song was sung by Colombian superstar Shakira.

What the creation of this song makes very clear is that the world’s best art results from the world’s most talented people coming together to collaborate. Similarly, the world is better off as a whole when talented people from across the world are able to travel to achieve their full potential and bring great things into the world.

At Passage Immigration we have the privilege of helping bring talented individuals from across the globe to the U.S. to contribute, achieve and put their skills to the best use possible.

Here is the video of “Try Anything” to get you inspired. Enjoy!

Click here to watch the video.

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