Marcus D.

Erick Widman

“I had a wonderful experience dealing with Eric Widman. Immigration law can be complex and confusing. Mr. Widman is experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly, up to date with the lastest laws and regulations. Before locating Widman Immigration Law, I retained another “expert” attorney, I was a mere number with dollars signs attached. I have experienced immigration attorneys first hand and can speak with confidence, Widman’ firm is A plus. From the very moment I reached out to Widman law, his assistant was friendly, sincerely helpful, she even took the time to get answers to my questions and phoned me back. I never felt rushed or overlooked as we dealt with Eric. He was so upfront, informing us on what we could do ourselves to save on legal fees. I would highly recommend Widman Immigration Law for any one dealing with an immigration issues. These issues can last months to years, you will be happy to have Eric Widman on your side.”

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