Deval S.

Erick Widman

“Best Immigration attorney.

Erick is very professional and very tech savvy person. Before starting my ‘Adjustment of Status’ process, I consulted so many immigration attorneys, but I decided to go with Erick for my ‘Green Card’ process mainly for two reasons, 1) His affordable service u0026amp; 2) His knowledge of Immigration law.

Erick was available/reachable all the time, whenever i had any questions. I like the way he is collecting the documents for the ‘green card’ process, so there is no chance of forgetting any documents to file and the most helpful was the ‘interview preparation session’ before the week of interview day.

Finally my ‘Adjustment Of Status’ is approved.

I really recommend ‘Erick Widman’ for any immigration service.

Thank you so much Erick for all your help.”

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