Corinna E.

Erick Widman

“I am only 21, applying for my green card was very scary. Me and my husband couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer. But josh found him online and saw the consultation was only 200$. When we came in he explained the whole process and told us the 200$ would be included with the whole thing which we thought was very nice. Eric and his legal assistant Germai were amazing to us, so nice, warm inviting people. I felt at ease talking and discussing the process with them. They were there every step of the way. We had a problem with my travel visa and they were on top of it and I got it about one week later, which was a great relief. I emailed them all the time, sometimes 5 messages in a row of questions after questions. They answered them all right away and we’re again so nice about it. Eric prepared us for the interview and the way he talked about it made it seem so easy, I hardly believed him. But he prepared us so well that it was that easy. I was happily surprised. But the best part was that if we went anywhere else I feel that we could not have afforded it but their price was perfect for us. I have never been so greatfull in my whole life than to these two people. Thank you so much!”

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