Our Law Firm Has A New Name!

Erick Widman

For quite some time, we have wanted to choose a name for our law firm that gets the focus off our founding attorney (though he is a good guy) and puts it squarely upon our clients and their hopes and concerns.

Finding a good name, however, is rather tricky and it took us a long time to come across our new choice. We are very happy with the final result and would like to introduce you to: Passage Immigration Law.

We opted for “Passage Immigration” because it focuses upon the big changes that happen when a person moves from one country to another. Not only do immigrants have to deal with changing their physical location, they also have to navigate a confusing legal bureaucracy. At our law firm we want you to pass smoothly from another country into the U.S., but we also want you to pass from confusion into clarity. We want this passage to be from your current state of uncertainty and frustration into a state of confidence, enlightenment, and happiness pure and simple!

As we worked through our name options, our friends and family got tired of having us constantly ask them for input. But they knew if we chose a weak, ridiculous, or simply lame name, our whole law firm might go down in flames. So they dutifully answered our questions over email, text and in person, and helped us avoid potential disasters like Voyage, Roost, Perch, Skyjet, or Move Immigration Law…

We are excited to share this change with you and we wouldn’t be where we are today without your support. Please definitely get in touch if we can assist you or your family members with anything. Feel free to set up a consult here or give us a call.

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