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Erick Widman

Life is short. This sad truth was reinforced recently when I read that Martin Luther King Jr (one of my heroes) was killed when he was only 39 years old. It’s remarkable, however, what he was able to accomplish without ever crossing into his forties. Dr. King made such a huge impact on the world because he clearly understood his life purpose and acted with urgency and great courage. Each of us should do our best to figure out our own key purpose or cause here on earth. This will enable us to avoid wasting our most precious resource – time – and will allow us to leave a powerful legacy once we’re gone.

The Benefits of Knowing “Why”

I’m almost finished with an excellent book called “The Power of Why” by Simon Sinek. He clearly lays out how identifying your own key purpose, cause or belief will dramatically change the way you think and live. Most of us have an intuitive sense of why we chose a certain career, studied a particular subject, or chose to move to a particular place. It’s often challenging to pinpoint our own personal “why,” but it’s extremely useful because it allows us to focus and assess when we get off track. Knowing what is your deepest motivation or fundamental purpose also provides an enormous amount of energy when circumstances are tough.

Our “Why”

Here in this post I want to share the fundamental purpose – the “why” – behind Passage Immigration and my motivation for founding this law firm. Although the precise words may change as I crystallize my thinking further, a good summary of our core purpose is to help people “Live Globally.” To break this down, to “Live Globally” consists of two key concepts.

First, to “Live Globally” means that it should be possible in this world to live in the place where you can fulfill your highest potential. If an incredibly brilliant mathematics student happens to have been born in a developing country, our world would be better off if we found a way to help this student reach her full potential through studying with other world class mathematicians somewhere in the world with the resources necessary to help her reach her full potential. But note that the benefit of living globally doesn’t always have to mean moving from a place with a lower standard of living to a higher one. The best experiences of my own life (and for many of my friends and colleagues) involved living in a country with a lower standard of living than the U.S. We were able to grow and serve and contribute in a much more meaningful way than if we never left the U.S.

Second, to “Live Globally” also means to possess a state of mind that considers the entire world. For those of us who experience international travel or moving to a different country, we know that life is immeasurably richer, more enjoyable, and genuinely fascinating as a result. As St. Augustine said, “Life is a book and those who don’t travel read only the first page.”  In addition, our world has enormous challenges and our actions have big repercussions across the globe. We need to think about how we are helping or hurting others and future generations by our actions.

What is Your “Why”

Have you identified your own fundamental cause, purpose, or belief? What is your “why” that gives you the motivation to keep going when times are inevitably tough? We are incredibly grateful for our clients, friends, and colleagues who are supporting us as Passage Immigration Law seeks to live out our fundamental purpose: Living Globally.

Thankfully, nothing is more satisfying than helping others, and we look forward to helping you and others reach your full potential.

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