Attorney ERIN WASLEY Joins Passage Immigration Law

Erick Widman

After interviewing a throng of excellent immigration lawyer candidates, we are thrilled that Erin Wasley agreed to join Passage Immigration Law, formerly Widman Immigration law.

Erin is remarkable in many ways. She is super smart and not only graduated magna cum laude (which is latin for “don’t mess with me, I’ll melt you like magma”) but was invited into the elite “Phi Betta Kappa” club at her university (which is even harder to get than the magma-melting certification). Read about more of these details here.

Besides being an accomplished scholar and excellent lawyer, what we love most about Erin is simply how kind and reliable she is. While some attorneys have a well-deserved reputation for being unpleasant, Erin goes out of her way to be helpful and friendly and she always follows through. She also appears unfazed when crazy things happen, which occurs from time to time in the legal world. After all, it has been said that handling immigration cases for clients is like juggling flaming chainsaws. Erin has already started juggling these at our firm like the pro she is.

Welcome Erin!

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