ICE in the Headlines

Erick Widman

Nancy Casciato – July 26, 2018

July 20, “ICE Capades,” This American Life.

This story brings undocumented men and women together with an unlikely champion, an ICE official who pursued the unscrupulous person who promised green cards, then stole their money.  For a reminder that everyone from ICE agents to asylum seekers is a human being with a heart, a mind, and a choice to make, this story is a must-listen.

July 25, “What Would Happen if We #AbolishICE?” Crooked Conversations.

Finally, for an informative explanation that charts the formation of ICE in the wake of 9/11, as well as a detailed discussion of its current practices and consequences, this conversation between Crooked Media’s Julissa Arce and UCLA Law professor Hiroshi Motomura offers welcome and necessary clarity.  This comprehensive discussion of the various agencies involved in U. S. immigration dispels confusion by providing history and context for our current moment.

. . . And a taste of hope

The new PBS Series “No Passport Required” (OPB, Tuesdays, 9:00pm) follows New York chef Marcus Samuelsson as he travels around the country to taste the way immigrants expand the nation’s cultural palate and enrich us from the inside out.  In the most recent episode, the irrepressible Swedish-African Samuelsson, himself an immigrant, visits the vibrant Vietnamese community that flourishes on the edge of New Orleans.  As a second generation of young cooks, inspired by their parents’ example and by the promise of America, bring Vietnamese customs and flavors into the heart of this city celebrated for its merging of culinary wonders, they are creating what one established New Orleans chef calls “the new Creole.”

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