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Erick Widman

Thank You Colleen and Welcome Francisco!

Our firm has been happily participating in the Lewis and Clark Law School’s externship program since this past summer. Our first extern was Colleen Munoz, a second year law student and highly experienced paralegal. Many of our clients got to experience first-hand how Colleen approached cases with awe-inspiring professionalism, stunning discipline, exacting rigor, and supernatural enthusiasm. She is an all-star and it’s no surprise that Colleen excelled as a division one college athlete and team captain of her lacrosse team!

Love is the Answer

Colleen has started up her classes again and while we are sad to see her go, we are grateful that we had the chance to work together for quite a few months. We’re glad she had a great experience with our law firm as well and while she was saying nice things about us today we realized we should simply have her record these thoughts for posterity to enjoy. As business guru Simon Sinek has said, “Clients won’t love your company unless your employees love your company first.” In the spirit of that important goal, here is Colleen sharing her experience with Passage Immigration Law. We all expect to see Colleen achieve great things in the future – keep your eye out for her!

Click here to watch Colleen speak about her experience at Passage.

Superstar Paralegal Joins Passage Immigration Law

We are thrilled to share that just this week we brought on board a highly accomplished paralegal named Francisco “Bonecrusher” Juarez. (Actually, we just made up the “Bonecrusher” part.) But already on a daily basis Francisco has been smashing through government barriers and producing pristine paperwork like the immigration surgeon he is. He does it all with a big smile on his face and is a true pleasure to work with.

Small Law Firm with Big Selection of Language Options

Francisco also speaks fluent Spanish and so many of our clients and their family members are already enjoying this. In fact, our law firm proudly speaks a number of languages well. In addition to Francisco, attorney Erin and paralegal Alison both speak excellent Spanish. Ahmed speaks superb Arabic (which is not bad for a skateboarder who grew up in California). Julia speaks Korean and French, and Erick speaks average French and 3rd grade level Hungarian. Thanks to his bilingual kids, Erick’s Hungarian vocabulary features lots of animals and toys.

Giving Thanks

We are grateful to work with wonderful clients who appreciate our efforts dealing with a frustrating immigration system. When we look back on our careers a few decades from now, we’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that we helped families and businesses navigate a confusing, byzantine immigration maze. Let us know what your questions are and we’ll find the answers for you. We are thankful for you!

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