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Erick Widman

Passage Immigration Law is slowly but surely expanding our ability to help our neighbors. We recently opened up a satellite office just across the river in the great State of Washington. We opted to open our new office in the lovely hamlet of Vancouver Washington since it will save many clients the time they otherwise would have had to spend fighting traffic on the bridge and highway 5.


With locations now in two different states some people might be wondering if that means we are restricted to practicing law in just those states. Actually, we are able to give legal advice and represent clients in any state in the US and around the world. (This is because US immigration law is a “federal” or national practice area rather than an area of Law based on state rules. Thus the same federal immigration rules are in place in every single state). We have in fact already been helping clients all over the place for many years now and look forward to continuing to do so.

We also understand however that it’s very hard to beat in-person meetings with the great people we get to work with. Therefore we plan to continue opening up satellite offices throughout Oregon, Washington, and eventually into California, where Erick and Ahmed grew up. In fact, we would love to have an international presence eventually too. Having an office in Budapest, Hungary would allow us to easily assist Erick’s wife’s fellow citizens with their temporary and permanent immigration challenges. Budapest is indeed one of the world’s greatest cities too – very exciting!… 😉

But first things first. We look forward to working more and more with the fine residents of Vancouver Canada. Give us a call and we will set up a time to meet you there. (Those of you in Vancouver Canada, however, will simply need to call us for help for now…. 😉

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