Ambassador Ronald McDonald can help replace your passport

Erick Widman

In Austria, McDonald’s fries come with a US passport. Yes, you read that correctly: thanks to a partnership between the fast food chain and US Embassy in Vienna, Americans in Austria can receive consular assistance from within any of the country’s 194 McDonald’s. If you lose your passport or run into any other issues while in Austria, head for the golden arches.

For now, Austria is the only country partnered with Ambassador Ronald McDonald. So what do you do if you lose your passport elsewhere in the world?

Contact the nearest US embassy or consulate

Let the nearest US embassy or consulate know if you’ve lost your passport. You should also let them know how long you plan to remain in the country. It usually takes four to six weeks to receive a new passport, but if you’re in a hurry they can expedite the process and issue you an emergency travel document.

Take a new passport photo

The State Department has strict requirements about how your passport photo should look, so it’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer. You can read the official passport photo guidelines on the State Department’s website.

Pro tip: keeping a digital passport photo stored on your phone or in your email will save you time and money.

Fill out a new passport application

There are a few forms you’ll need to fill out in order to replace your passport. Fortunately, they’re short and straightforward! You can access a passport application on the State Department’s website.

Head to the nearest US embassy or consulate

Be sure to along the following:

  • New passport photo
  • Identification (for example a driver’s license)
  • Proof of US citizenship (for example a copy of your missing passport, US birth certificate, or naturalization certificate)
  • Travel itinerary
  • Police report (if your passport was stolen)

You’ll also have to pay a $140 processing fee.

Hang tight

It can take four to six weeks for your new passport to be ready. However, if you’re in a hurry you can request an emergency travel document.

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