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Erick was approachable, professional, and smart. He answered all my questions and his rates were reasonable. His smart use of technology made the entire process efficient and easy.

After consulting and working with multiple immigration attorneys over the years, Erick was by far the best to work with. His responses were prompt, thorough, and I could not have asked for better representation.

— Michael Hsu

Erick and his team provided first class service for my wife and I though the whole spouse visa process. They consistently responded quickly to any inquires that we had. With the points of entry kit list that Erick provided while still traveling on the tourist visa, my wife felt confident when questioned by immigration officers at the border.

— Justin Crabill

The most efficient, friendly, caring and pleasingly different law firm. Erick and his team took our case from an online request to actualization in record time. The experience, professionalism, and results were beyond exceptional . Widman Immigration Law Group LLC [now Passage Immigration Law] is highly recommended and I give them 10 stars.

— Nourhan Beyrouti

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, look no further. Erick is professional and yet down to earth and easy to talk to. I went to a few different lawyers for consultations, Erick was the first, and he was hands down the best and most informative. He was gracious and seemed to care about my case the moment he sat down with me. I wanted to find someone I could easily send an e mail to if I had questions about ANY step along the way, I wanted to find someone who seemed to genuinely care about helping me every step along the way, Erick Widman and his assistant Garmai are these people.

Hiring Erick was the best decision for me in my process of becoming a green card holder. His knowledge of visas, his prep work on ALL of the paperwork and interview process is top notch. If you are not sure what direction to go or if you just need a little assistance, I would highly recommend Widman Immigration [now Passage Immigration Law] and encourage you to get in contact with him asap.

— Shaminy Selva

Best Immigration attorney.

Erick is very professional and very tech savvy person. Before starting my ‘Adjustment of Status’ process, I consulted so many immigration attorneys, but I decided to go with Erick for my ‘Green Card’ process mainly for two reasons, 1) His affordable service & 2) His knowledge of Immigration law.

Erick was available/reachable all the time, whenever i had any questions. I like the way he is collecting the documents for the ‘green card’ process, so there is no chance of forgetting any documents to file and the most helpful was the ‘interview preparation session’ before the week of interview day.

Finally my ‘Adjustment Of Status’ is approved.

I really recommend ‘Erick Widman’ for any immigration service.

Thank you so much Erick for all your help.

— deval shah

Erick is passionate about helping people. I highly recommend him, as he’s an immigration expert, has high integrity, and puts his clients first.

— Wayland Wong

Erick and his team are possibly one of the best professional services I’ve ever engaged with. I used Erick’s group to sponsor my parents for permanent residence. Here are the things I really appreciate about Erick and his team:

– Erick sets very realistic expectations for you from the get go, this includes timelines, what time of paperwork will have to be filled, what type of fees to expect to pay to the USCIS, what type of fees to expect to pay to Erick’s group, and what your responsibilities are going to be.
– Erick seems to be very in tune with the USCIS timeline, he was able to give me very accurate timelines based on his experiences, note, these are timelines based on his experience and are not guaranteed, but his estimates were spot on.
– Erick also is very aware of the processes that need to take place for your case, e.g. how the application has to be processed by the USCIS, then it goes to the National Visa Center, then it goes to the embassy, and what type of paperwork will be required along each step and how long, approximately, each step would take.
– Erick and his team are very efficient in the way they leverage technology where appropriate to gather paperwork and build the application with you. In my 10ish months engagement with Erick, I only had to go into his office ONCE.
– Erick and his team communicate well, they respond to Emails/Phone calls/all communications very quickly. I’ve never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response.
– I love the reason why Erick got into immigration law, you should ask him, it makes it a little more relatable. I won’t put it down here, I will let Erick share with whoever he would like to.

If you’re looking for an immigration attorney, you really owe it to yourself to at the very least have a conversation with Erick and his group and I’m confident that that will be the last call you would make for researching immigration attorneys.

Thanks Erick for everything!

— Ahsan Ahmed

We got in touch with Erick in early February, when we needed help applying for my husband’s change of visa status. After reading google reviews of several law offices in Portland, we scheduled an initial phone consultation with Erick.

From the get go he was clear, helpful, professional, responsive and lovely. He made the process smooth and understandable, answering every question we had along the way. Though we were unable to meet Erick in person due to a move to Seattle early in the application process, he and his team were always accessible by phone, video calls and email (to which he responded promptly).

My husband officially received his green card approval notice in early September, only 7 months after the initial application. We would absolutely recommend Erick to anyone looking for advice on matters of immigration. Thanks Erick and team!

— Tolly Davis

Eric handled our case from beginning to end in a highly professional, approachable and efficient way. He was always available to answer our questions and put us at ease as we went through the green card process. We would recommend Eric to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. Truly excellent service and a great result!

— Liv Anderman

Erick Widman is an amazing attorney. He is honest, straight forward and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with immigration. He helped me with my fiancée visa and after I got married, he helped my husband and me with my Adjustment of Status. I can say it took less than one year for me to finish my whole process. He and his assistant Garmai are really helpful and make the process really smooth. I would highly recommend his services to anyone with immigration matters.

— Elisa María García González

Erick came highly recommended by a friend who had a successful outcome on his immigration needs. He came across genuine and knowledgeable upon the first consultation. It was clear that he was experienced and kept up with the latest immigration law.

The process was professional and seamless. Being a techie, I appreciated his office’s use of technology to facilitate communication and transfer of documents. His legal assistant was on top of everything. Any document/email received would be forwarded to me right away.

The documents compiled in my packet were thorough and proactive. The intent was to make sure that my file was extra solid. Erick was there throughout the entire process and I am happy to say that the outcome was successful!

Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation. Best of luck!

— Zeem P

When I met Erick I felt very comfortable to communicate with him. He’s a very simple living and high thinking personality and highly professional at what he does. His staff Garmai also a very helpful about communicating all the time. I will highly recommend Erick 110%. Did I say 110%? Oh yeah 110% no doubt about it.

— Jangbu Sherpa