Stefan and Marie

“We did that initial interview
with Erick and he made
a good impression so
we decided to go
with Passage Law,”


Aanna Farhang (0:00): So Stefan if you could please introduce yourself

Stefan Erdmann (0:06): Stefan Erdmann. I’m from Germany. What else do you want to know?

Aanna (0:14): I’m wondering if you have personally been involved in or interacted with the U.S. immigration system and could you specify what your case was?

Stefan (0:23): My case was a green card application for marriage and all of my contact was through Passage Law and then obviously the interview itself that was then personal.

Aanna (0:44):  So were you the beneficiary of your case?

Stefan (0:50): Yes

Aanna (0:53): So was it an Adjustment of Status case or an Immigrant Visa?

Stefan (0:56): No it was an Adjustment of Status. Hold on a second I will go in another room, my dog saw somebody out there.

Aanna (1:10): So then did you have any other experience with any other firm before you went to Passage with your case?

Stefan (1:19): No we tried to do it on our own, we actually started it but we got overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff so we decided to ask Erick for help.

Aanna (1:38):  What made the immigration system then if it was so overwhelming difficult to navigate?

Stefan (1:45): Well first it was not very clear what exact forms we need for the preparation of all of my documentation and how to like, what documents to bring what is the exact process, what forms we have to fill out. I think we found like four forms we had to do and then it was suddenly ten. And we would have missed them.

Aanna (2:32): What would you want the government or USCIS to change about the system? Would you want there to be like a more streamlined process or what else would’ve made it easier to navigate even with the help of an immigration lawyer?

Stefan (2:53): mean I feel like without a lawyer it’s just too complicated to tackle, I mean I know a couple of people who actually did it by themselves but that was three years ago before you know many more forms came into play. But you know with Erick and the team it was pretty much straightforward but there was just a lot of repetitive stuff in the forms which would be you know you’d have to go back and forth and enter the same information two or three times. But you know that is bureaucracy.

Aanna (3:53): Was it nice to have a smaller, more community-based firm helping you in the process rather than other firms you researched in the area that are more corporate?

Stefan (4:05): Well to be honest we have not talked to anybody else but Passage. We did that initial interview with Erick and he made a good impression so we decided to go with Passage Law so we didn’t research further on other other companies

Aanna (4:36): And then I am also wondering on your immigration experience, what advice to people who are currently or who are potentially going to deal with their own cases. How would you advise them to deal the immigration system that at times can be overwhelming.

Stefan (4:55): Well first of all I don’t think we would’ve been able to make it without help. And the second one is to have all the documents like centralized and easy to access. The third one is patience.

Aanna (5:18): Do you have anything else to add for the people who are listening?

Stefan (5:25): Let me think. No I mean it’s a long process. It takes a lot of patience and I think the most important thing is to have all of the documents figured out everything n line, make it very easy for the case officer to look at the documentation. So chronologically ordered would be the best I think. Other than that. What else could I add I mean the most nerve-wracking for was that sometimes it took months for USCIS to respond to anything. And also try not to move while you’re in the process. This can be a pain. I mean if it is absolutely necessary to move then go ahead. But besides that it’s just the preparation work is 85% of the job and the rest is just waiting and going for the interview. And that’s about it.

Aanna (7:05): Well thank you so much for being here and talking to me Stefan.

Stefan (7:10): Yeah you’re welcome.


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