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Sample Cover Letter for Your USCIS Application or Petition

It is always a good idea to include a cover letter with your application or petition to USCIS. Your cover letter should include the correct mailing address to ensure that you send your packet to the right address. Keep in mind that USCIS has a different address depending on if you send it via regular USPS mail or use a private carrier like FedEx, UPS or DHL.

In addition, your cover letter should list out the purpose of your application or petition and the names of the Petitioner and Beneficiary (if you have both). Further, you should include a list of the documents you are providing with your packet. You’ll find that listing everything out serves you well because you force yourself to create a checklist of all of the necessary items. Be sure to actually provide the documents in your packet in the same order that they are listed.

We trust you will benefit from our sample cover letter template that you can download here. Keep in mind that you need to customize and tailor it to fit your unique needs. We simply want to show you one version of a cover letter that has worked well for our law firm over the years.

Download USCIS Cover Letter Template