Erick is awesome. Imagine a steady hand, knowledge of details plus a desire to listen all combined together, and you get Erick Widman.

He is super patient and does his job really well right from building the case to keeping at it. As I told him, working with him feels like driving a Ferrari; it is smooth going.

Apart from that, his experience in this area is deep. This enables him to draw from previous cases and make informed calls on new cases. In my dealings with him, I saw his judgment at work repeatedly.

For his honesty, good cheer, thoroughness and efficacy, I highly recommend Erick Widman.

— Nishant Bhajaria

I requested help from Widman Immigration Law Group [now Passage Immigration Law] for my Naturalization filing process. Erick was extremely efficient in filing the application and follow up at every steps. He gave us ample time to get all the information required for application process. He filed immediately once he had all the information and followed up in the application process. His office notified us the progress of the process at every step . Before the naturalization interview, Erick sat one on one and gave a detail overview what is expected at the interview. I am quite sure for any future Immigration help I would first seek his help!

— Tawhid Ezaz

Absolutely excellent service! Extremely fast email replies and a pleasure to work with. They made it extremely simple to gather the documentation required and my wife had her green card in less than 90 days from submission.

Highly recommended!!!

— Jim Vilsack

We highly recommend choosing Erick as your immigration lawyer. His assistant, Garmai, is fantastic, too. Total office visits, including the initial consultation, 3. We liked that he used the conveniences of modern technology. Total months it took from start to finish was approximately 6 months. Money well spent, and successful!!

— Ashik & Daphne Basha

Erick and his assistant were helpful, friendly and provided us with timely responses to our immigration queries. We were successful with our application and it was in no small part thanks to the Widman Law Group [now Passage Immigration Law]. Thank you!

— Nick D

Erick and his team were amazing from day 1. They guided us through the process, and were there at every twist and turn to answer our questions, and to push our case through. We couldn’t have done it without them, highly recommended.

— Matt Warnock

If you want a lawyer who truly cares about your case and does whatever is needed to set you up for success, then Erick is your man. My case was a complicated one, with a real possibility of rejection, and Erick did everything he could to ensure that: 1) any reason that USCIS might have to reject the petition was addressed fully at the application stage, before the interview, and 2) my current employment status in the US would not be jeopardized if the petition was declined. He was consistently optimistic but cautious in predicting what might happen and fully prepared me and my husband for the interview. He and his paralegal, Garmai, kept me informed at every stage and ensured all bases were covered. You honestly couldn’t ask for a better team to represent you. They have your back!

— Sandi Lefebvre

My wife and I worked with Erick and his assistant last year after becoming engaged and eventually married — she is a Brazilian citizen.

From the initial consultation through the document collection and filing process and up through the final interview interview with the USCIS — Erick was always available, helpful and kept us prepared and moving forward through the process — which is a lot more complex than I would have ever imagined.

And Erick even went out of his way to help my wife through the process of acquiring a temp license through the DMV — in summary he was extremely helpful to us and I would absolutely recommend him for your legal immigration needs.

— Doug McNaughton

I found Mr. Widman to be extremely knowledgeable and he answered all questions in a clear and easy to understand manner. In both our meeting and in the well laid out follow-up email he sent, Erick provided detailed information about options and the steps to take. This included links to all necessary documentation. Erick also discussed ways and costs on how to go through the process by oneself, with some help from his office, or how he can do it all. Erick was very professional, patient, calm and most importantly – sincere.

I highly recommend Widman Immigration [now Passage Immigration Law] to anyone who is unsure about their status or who needs help in fulfilling the necessary requirements and documentation. The laws can be confusing and there is nothing better than the peace of mind of knowing you are doing it right.

— Karoline G

Erick is truly an outstanding attorney, among the best I’ve ever worked with. He is knowledgeable, professional, impressively responsive, and extremely reasonable in his fee structure. Beyond that, Erick brings a personal concern & kindness to his practice that has become rare.

My own matter involved a Fiance’ Petition (same-sex couple) to obtain a Visa for my partner of 4 years to come to the U.S. As of this writing, our Petition has been approved and we are going through the consular stage of the process.

Finally, I should mention that I am personally legally trained (although not in immigration law) and have worked, literally, with hundreds of attorneys and any number of substantial law firms. Thus, I am especially appreciative of (and readily recognize) receiving capable & caring legal service. I would highly recommend Erick.

— Brian Waliser