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How Does the Petitioner Show U.S. Domicile?

U.S. Domicile Checklist

To petition for your spouse or family member you need to show that you have a U.S. domicile. This means that at the consular interview for your family member, the consular office will need to see proof that your home is actually in the U.S. This can be difficult if you have been living abroad along with your beneficiary.

The key is to show sufficient evidence of your ties and connection to the U.S., such as a bank account, proof you have been filing U.S. taxes, and that you have been renewing your U.S. driver’s license. Even if your proof of current domicile is weak, in many cases, you can show that you are re-establishing your U.S. domicile by taking certain steps, and that will work to get your family member the visa.

We’re happy to provide you with a free sample domicile checklist here. This will help clear one of the final hurdles for getting your family member approved at the consular visa interview.

Download Domicile Checklist Template